May 21, 2004:
Matt's gettin hitched.
Mike's Hate of the Day: warm beer
December 18, 2001:
Ditched the fuckin' popup window, since it was breakin' some suckaz browsas and shit. Gotta reprezent da pimpin even if ya run internet exploder.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Hackers
October 09, 2001:
All your base is belong to us.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Somebody set up us the bomb.
June 09, 2001:
4 and 3 and 2 and 1,
And when I update the News page
The suckas run. Word.

Be sure to check back for some REAL updates soon. Trav's gonna keep it crunk for ya. Git Ur Freak on.
Mike's Hate of the Day: The N.R. fuckin' A.
March 29, 2001:
Popped a cap in da hoochies button on da left side, 'cuz our women too fly to be called hoochies. Git yo ass to yo mamma's house if ya want hoes.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Idiot frat boys
November 07, 2000:
Damn, G! None of tha pimps won the Prezidential Election. Those playa-hataz in the polling booths ain't down wit' tha Pimphouse Partay.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Goddamn Republicanz.
September 12, 2000:
Mike an' Matt took down the links to email us, 'cuz too many small-dick playa-hataz been talkin' trash when you know they can't hang with the real pimps at
Mike's Hate of the Day: The Screen Door
July 23, 2000:
Mike's been all over the fuckin world in the past 3 weeks. France, Amsterdam, London, New York. What a sorry piece of shit -- he didn't even have to pay for the fuckin' trip. Trav and Matt been chillin' at the pimphouse mostly, hangin with our hoochies. We've also been rollin down the street, smokin' indo and sippin' on gin and juice. You know, the usual.

Anyway, gotta give a shout out to all the bomb-ass playaz who've been signin' our guestbook an' shit recently. Check it out.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Snobby London Chicks.
May 15, 2000:
Matt just got back from vegas... got my vegas-cherry popped. Some damn crazy shit down there, lotsa players tryin to act pimp. But you all knew where the real pimps are.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Suburbs
March 30, 2000:
Mike just got back from Miami and awwww yeeeaaah... the girlies be in full effect down south! 5 dayz of str8 pimpin. Gotta love the Miami booty bass. The Winter Music Conference was off the hook!
Mike's Hate of the Day: That fucking "Thong Song"!
March 17, 2000:
Yo, happy St Pat's, y'all. Go git drunk. Word.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Corned fuckin' beef.
March 12, 2000:
Matt spent the evening with travis and jane, then went home and puked.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Chives
March 07, 2000:
We actually have something on the site now... Check "da house" for some spank-ass pictures of the haps at da house of pimp. More pictures are on the way (the hoochies page will be phat, we promise).
Mike's Hate of the Day: Yer moms.
March 06, 2000:
Wow! The new site is up and ain't it dope-ass? It only took 2 years to build a useless site with no real content, but it sure is pretty... Be sure to sign the guestbook -- and remember, our house be pimpin.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Wanna-be playas who think they got game.
March 04, 2000:
Hey... we launched this damn site. More content coming soon... promise!
Mike's Hate of the Day: Expensive food
October 04, 1999:
We're working on the website.
The graphics look cool, but we still
don't have any content. Sadness.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Windows NT. 'Nuff said.
October 04, 1999:
Today Travis cooked stuffed
mushrooms. He is so damn cool
and the chicas all love him.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Mike has been cursing Freehand and Photoshop all night. Such fun.
October 04, 1999:
We are so damn pimp.
Mike's Hate of the Day: Teal. What a shitty color.